Friday, September 25, 2009

cologne - catch a cawling star (sept 22)

So to Germany, home of Germans, ample vegetarian options (nb. no sausage) and now the most entertaining (if far from technically perfect) football league in world. On a personal note I shall also remember it as the place where I learned to use IMovie.


Yes. Cologne. Koln. Big K. However you spell it (and wherever you're from, even if that place uses a completely different character set) it's a city with a fuck-load of churches and the bells to match.

Oh, the bells.*

So, we arrived late on our day 'off'*1 and I went for a run - the wrong way. So much for the sights - that's a river and them's barges. Bah. Twelve kilometres of no cathedrals and calf-burning pain.

The next morning, however, I ran in the correct direction and who do I spot amongst the teaming mass of the cod-religious, the photograph(iers)? Why, a young man of inquisitive mind and stout heart. A beat-maker. A lover of the cross.

We climbed the steps (2 euro 50) and looked out across the land...

Noting, upon the way, faith in practice -

By 4pm and now in a pleasured halfling agony, we make it to the venue. This is something that happened*2 ...

What a guy(s). What a show. Christoph, scourge of sounddesks (and now spotting quite a fetching hairdo since our last encounter, a year or so ago) aced it. Germans, as they do, smoked and cheered. Afterwards, everybody smoked (except for me). EVERYBODY smokes here, even babies. Smoke for breakfast, lunch and tea.

Smoke snack.


I love playing rock shows.


*Please, PLEASE stop ringing the bells at any available opportunity. SOME OF US ARE TRYING TO SLEEP.
*1 Read as day 'in''- the van. The shitting, pissing van.
*2 Note that not much happened.


  1. i enjoy your tags/labels. i am too exhausted/out of it to handle the videos at this moment, which surprises even me. it might be food poisoning. xo - ornette coleman

  2. it wasn't food poisoning. these videos... sigh.

    please do a videoblog of CROATIA! so jealous.

  3. "Vertigo affected pussies such as myself" - you're a rare one Mr. Pussycat. x

    P.S. So I take it that you won't be visiting the CN tower while you're in Toronto then. Good choice, very thin glass up there.