Sunday, October 4, 2009

munich - octobernest (sept 29th)

to Munich, then, pants flapping immediately post-show in Brussels and the inevitable breakdown (van, and to a lesser degree, personally) ...

Munich is German but German, so German, in fact, that italics, bold, underlining and screaming the word over and over again simply don't do justice to the sheer meaningacity* of the word. The crowd, aside from a couple of pocket psychos down the front, are adequate and we play a decent show despite sound problems and the age-old Falkous curse - too much fucking bread.

Here's 'chin music' as filmed from the merch desk by the one and only Paul Resende. Notice how I attack the mic like a hungry shark*1...

After the show, we drove, and drove, and drove. To Croatia, of all fucking places.

* I went there. Alone.
*1 A hungry shark with an appalling monitor mix.

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  1. Paul Resende, you say, of Ikara Colt fame? What's he up to these days? Apart from your merch, that is.