Wednesday, October 7, 2009

zagreb - all good things (sept 30th)

In the beginning, of course, there was our second police stop and search of the tour, polite yet insistent questions about marijuana (no, we don't) and liquor (yes, we do) then a drive which took us through Slovenia*...

... and ending, as scheduled in Zagreb. Now, the thing about great shows and fun nights is that I don't end up taking any footage of them, because I'm too busy going about the business of playing and then, hopefully, drinking until dawn in a park.*1 I appeltise - Zagreb, you were the fucking business.

Mitch had remarked, in his own idiosyncratic way, that the standard of English wasn't too high the last time he was here (with jimi Tenor) - it's safe to say that wasn't a problem on this occasion. But then again, what does he know? He was asleep, in the club, ten minutes before we went on ...

So to the show, broken arms (and legs, allegedly) songs, more songs, singing along (with varying accuracy) and nothing but positivity and wonder. Footage on youtube, particularly here ... okay, the audio is a little compromised but you get the idea, the crazy, crazy fuckers. Seattle and Melbourne, you at the very least have some competition - perhaps the greatest audience in the world.

The next morning, five hours sleep, and even in the brain-hurting joy, a discovery or rather, undiscovery ...

A BIG THANKYOU to everyone we met and drank with but to Mate, thanks for the show and see you again - next time, with a support band.


* beautiful vistas a windscreen away - the curse of the touring band.
*1 this is exactly what happened. I should have turned in at 5am when sobriety was less of a distant dream.


  1. i want to sit in a park & drink with you! [sigh...kicking a stone] - j

  2. wait, they got LIGHTSABRE COCKSUCKING BLUES?!?!?!?!? there's the kiss right there. but...the audience in croatia did seem effing awesome. i bet i'd love them. so we'll share. i'm coming twice, i'd like to say (and love to think of). it'll be interesting to see what kind of crowd trail of dead pulls... xo - rip torn