Sunday, September 20, 2009

bern - a rider runs through it (sept 19th)

And ... uh ... we all fail.

We jump to conclusions, rail against injustices and, occasionally, simply express opinions only to find, in time (sometimes in no time at all) that we were wrong, very wrong and, it turns out, wronger still. Sometimes we're so wrong (and I'm looking at myself here whilst attempting, generously, to devolve blame across the whole of humanity) that an apology is in order.

So here we go ... Switzerland ... I'm sorry ... a bit. You were ... pretty good. I had just finished recording an audio blog for the adam walton show on BBC Wales (the whole shebang available at for those remotely interested) about how distinctly underwhelming Swiss crowds and venues were, when the whole thing got turned on its head, firstly by Sabine and the merry crew of the good ship Dachstock then by the slightly less whelming (Dr. Johnson - is this is word?) Rote Fabrik in Zurich, what with their great food and not totally objectionable hippy vibe and all. Here I am wandering around the venue in Bern, post-run, post-beer, pre-rock show ...

It was a particularly enjoyable show and the crowd, by Swiss standards at least, were positively effusive. And this is my idea of a good time, after three hours of sleep largely dominated by dreams of the Usual Suspects as acted out by musical cats ...

I know not what or when I do.




I MET SEVERAL WONDERFUL PEOPLE IN BERN - Miriam, Sabine, Cat, The Fat Jogger, French Fans and Ventura, the rock band.

IN THE END Tullamore Dew is a poor substitute for Jameson, but we'll cope.

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  1. Hey Falco

    Good to hear that you had a good time in Berne. Even though it looks like Swiss crowds don't go as crazy as you're used to :-).

    But hey have you noticed the old harekrishnaesk hippy guy on LSD in the front row!? I bet you will only encounter this in bern!!

    Just wanted to say that your show just blow me away. Very raw and powerful but you three just played so thigh it was a pleasure!
    Only disappointment none of you danced to the last two tracks ;-)

    Hope to see you soon back in town guys!!