Sunday, September 20, 2009

glarus - i'll take my czar to work (sept 18th)

We should have seen it coming, really.

'Glarus? Where the hell is that?' said a guy in Lausanne. A Swiss guy. A Swiss guy from Switzerland. Glarus is in Switzerland.

We should have seen it coming - but we were asleep.

Altogether now - awwwwwwwwwwwwwww*. We actually had a superb start to the day, bullying Mitch for his crap broken PC*1 and stubborn refusal to engage with the modern pathfinding miracle that is GPS.

Here's some not exactly compelling footage of me trying to wrestle something constructive from the early evening as I wander around outside the venue, full of bread -

We played a show, of course. It was stranger than a talking turkey. I forget how to type. Nobody needs this story but ...

... here is my memory.

I am 34 and at a school disco.

My only hope is a bomb threat.

Bomb threat.

Please ...

Bomb threat.

Emphasis is for emphasis.



ps. my housemates are mirroring our odyssey at - please give generously.
pps. some interview footage is up from the Siren festival at

* Quick, steal Kelsons blackberry and switch it to FUCKING SILENT.
*1 Favourite retort of the day - 'that is so Windows 98.'


  1. Did anyone* ask you to dance at this school disco?

    I'm pretty sure that school dances were created as a reflex/agility training exercise; difficult enough to make chit chat, let alone coyly watching your partner's feet and nimbly side-stepping before he, or she, stomps on your toes - all without breaking conversation or stride.

    * besides Kelson. He does have 'London shoes' after all.

  2. Maybe no one understands you and K's banter. Your accents are fuck-all hard to understand to Englishmen, thick as K's Blackberry (He needs something slimmer, I saw it) and maybe the Swiss don't get the subtleties of your banter which is funny to clever Canadians, Britons, USAnians, etc.? Did the audience have to wait 5 minutes between songs whilst you and K jibber-jabber? Poor Eggs, from the audience I have seen him every show patiently clacking his clickies on his probably-welted-by-now thigh while you guys jibba jabba like Abbot and Costello. Shaddup u mouths and play. Lost in translation

  3. come spend time in the pacific northwest, and i'll show you mountains and ocean. i love these mini video tours. never been to switzerland...neat-O. j