Sunday, September 20, 2009

lausanne - you're all that i wanted of a girl (sept 17th)

Paris, Alcatraz and Butcher Bay are not renowned for the friendliness of their hotel staff but baby, darling, they don't have a ringing thing on the geriatric racists and sighing twats of our Lausanne hovel. I didn't film there because the camera, horrified by its surroundings, simply refused to turn on.

Shithole. I went for a run and there were far too many hills, missed a Canadian phone interview (or was that yesterday?) and befriended a drug dealer in the park. Well, I say 'befriended' - I mean 'ran past four times and was offered a considerable discount'.

Anyway, thank god for the venue, La Romandie, which has moved across town to a slightly smaller room since our last visit two years ago but still maintains the friendliness and incredible rider we remembered so fondly. TWO bottles of Jamesons, no less - ARE YOU READING THIS BRITISH PROMOTERS?*

So, down to business, Flacko Bastard God*1 -

Et Egglethump, the supreme indiser of merch -

I got some footage of the show but it was SHIT (the footage, not the show). We played fourteen songs and some Germans danced as the Swiss clapped along in their own particularly Swiss way. I attempted to video some of the support band who were considerably better than any band called 'Autopsy' had any right to be. At the end of the night I had drank some alcohol and was tired so went to bed.

J'ai onze ans.


* This is a rhetorical question. You are in fact setting up a table for the after-club DJ whilst throwing the hated non-money making band down the fucking stairs.
*1 Actual name.


  1. I'm always ashamed of the pitiful three and a half man mosh pit Switzerland always manages to muster up, no matter how good the gig. This particular mosh pit starred men who should know better than to wear fluffy hats featuring bear ears.
    Despite what the polite Swiss clapping would have you believe, I enjoyed every sweaty minute of it. And next time I'll try and remember the carrot cake.

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  3. Please - no need for shame of any timbre. The show was enjoyable and the crowd, by Swiss standards at least, positively effusive.

  4. Forgot to ask: did you end up doing the phone interview? Which Canadian publication was it?

    P.S. Your search labels for this blog post always remind me of the puppet scene in The Sound Of Music. Strange. *She yodeled back to the lonely goatherd*